Live the Rangitikei

Live the Rangitikei

About Rangitikei

Land & Climate

The Rangitikei District is known as a marvellous place to farm but it also accommodates growing all manner of things on small, medium, or large tracts of land.  The growing climate and soil lends itself to many different operations.  Today Rangitikei boasts anything from gamebird production to cut flowers, vineyards, asparagus, nuts, culinary and medicinal herbs, as well as meat production and grain growing.  In addition to sheep and cattle, you can see alpacas, ostriches and deer grazing. Garden centres have expanded and private gardens are opened up for visitors.

Rangitikei's climate is temperate and has few extremes compared to many parts of New Zealand.  As is to be expected, the prevailing north-westerly airflows affect coastal areas, and offers refreshing sea breezes to cool in summer.  Summers are warm with average temperatures in the low 20s.  The most settled weather occurs in summer and early autumn.  Winters are mild near the coast and on the plains; it's colder inland and in the hill country, but often frosty, clear and calm.  Snowfall occasionally settles in areas 400m above sea level, such as Taihape.  Annual rainfall is moderate.  Annual hours of bright sunshine can average over 2,000. 
(Climate information courtesy NIWA)


While the Rangitikei economy is based on agriculture it includes a variety of sucessful innovative industries which make the most of the strategic location.  Niche manufacturing businesses are tucked away amongst the stunning scenery and several large industry businesses have based themselves in this ideal location.  Tourism operations are able to tap into the constant stream of travelers on State Highway One.  These businesses, together with primary industry operations offer a wide variety of employment opportunities throughout the District.


Rangitikei offers a wide variety of housing options depending on your budget.  Best of all the Rangitikei offers exceptional value!  Also, for a moderate outlay, services are comparable to metropolitan areas.  Lifestyle blocks abound in the Rangitikei offering prospective residents an opportunity to build their dream home and produce their own income.  Utilise the readily available skilled labour and get exactly what you want.  Work locally or make the easy commute to Wanganui or Palmerston North.  Buy a property in town with little or no mortgage and spend more quality time with your family.  The choice is yours!


Rangitikei has some of the finest schools in the country.  All levels of education are catered for, from early childhood to secondary students, to adult and community learning and private learning services.  Schools foster close-knit communities and work together to provide the best in learning opportunities for all students.  Academic, sporting and cultural opportunities are highly valued, and achieved.

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There are seven unique main towns in Rangitikei of varying sizes and offering a variety of services to their communities.  From north to south these towns are:

Taihape - Gumboot Capital
Mangaweka - for Adventurers and Art lovers
Hunterville - Home of the Huntaway Festival
Marton - Heart of the Rangitikei
Bulls - A Town Like No Udder
Turakina - The Oldest Caledonian Settlement in NZ
Ratana - Place of the Ratana Church, Ratana Pa

There are a wide range of community groups, clubs and organisations throughout the Rangitikei.  There is a strong focus on a range of sports including rugby, soccer, netball, cricket, squash and tennis.  Other sports are also catered for.  In Taihape and Marton there are swim centres.  In Marton there is a 50m heated, 6-lane Olympic sized swimming pool and areas for toddlers and learners.

Throughout Rangitikei there are businesses and services to meet most needs.  Skilled tradespeople are reliable and easily accessible.  Long standing family businesses that have built fine reputations for excellent work are the norm rather than the exception.

There are a variety of retail stores which cater for basic needs.  They range from large supermarkets to small boutique clothing stores, antiques and arts and crafts.  Parking in Rangitikei towns is convenient and FREE.  Best of all you can travel the length of the district (almost 100kms) and find not a single set of traffic lights!

Health care in the Rangitikei is under the umbrella of the Whanganui District Health Board.  General Practitioners have surgeries in the larger towns or have regular visiting days in smaller centres.  There is a rest homes in Marton.

Comprehensive listings can be found in the Community Directory, Business Directory and Activities and Attractions.


Setting up a business

The Rangitikei is home to many successful businesses, both small and large and in wide and varied sectors.

With strong community support to shop local and Highway 1 and 3 running through, retail shopping is a robust and growing industry with new developments taking shape constantly. 

Tourism is a high growth sector with many fantastic businesses already in operation. Farm-stays, B’n’B’s and Cycleways continue to grow in popularity.  Large business thrives in the district due our advantageous logistical location.

Rangitikei is home to traditional and niche market farming.  Touring the countryside, you are likely to find the usual sheep and cattle along with alpaca, deer and a growing number of farmers working hard on sustainability, environmental care and animal welfare.

Marton has been home to New Zealand's malt production since beer brewing began.  The success of this now extends to an export trade and continues to be the source of the country’s main supply of malt.  The district’s rich soil sees a wide range of horticultural businesses including vineyards, organic produce and award winning olive oil.

Through the success of all the sectors we show strength and prosper together as the Rangitikei.


One Stop Business Guide

Town Coordinators

There are three coordinators: one each in BullsMarton and Taihape. They can assist with promoting the District as a vibrant, attractive community, including community development, coordination of community events, business development and training. For more information see  https://www.rangitikei.govt.nz/district/community/community-networks/town-coordinators

Rangitikei District Council

Council offices are located in Marton, the largest town in the Rangitikei, with a satelite office in Taihape in the northern end of the District.  Rangitikei District Council is a proactive organisation with a strong focus on growing vibrant and attractive towns and ensuring good access to a wide range of necessary community services.  This is being achieved through the Council's Path To Well Being initiative.









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